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Event Security

Executive Shields Security LLC has years of experience in the planning, development and implementation of security at these special events. By applying the most effective training and support, we have gained the reputation of being a preferred security Agency and being one of the largest special events security providers in our industry​.


At Executive Shields Security LLC, all of our security officers are trained and dedicated to ensure safety at all times through developed risk assessment methods including identifying threats, removing unlawful participants from the premises, responding to emergency situations and evacuation techniques.

Event Security

Celebrity Protection Services

Executive Shields Security LLC's  Celebrity Protection agents are all experienced former serving members of law enforcement, military, government and specially trained individuals. This background gives our agents an unrivalled depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection worldwide.


Executive Shields Security LLC recognizes that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free, whether the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety both directly and indirectly can and do occur every day.

Celebrity Protection

On - Site Security Services

Executive Shields Security LLC on - site security will secure construction sites, movie theaters and hotel sites.   Uniform options are specific to your requirements. Your security officers make a powerful first impression and choosing the right uniform can be an important representation of your company. All uniforms that require identification are clearly discernible with identification badges and security logos.


Training for Executive Shields Security LLC officers is determined by the location of the assignment and is completed by the employee prior to assignment at the location(s). Training courses include classroom instruction on general orders and site specific post orders, operational and emergency procedures, use of security equipment, defensive tactics and interpersonal skills.

On site

Chauffer Protection Services

Executive Shields Security LLC's  protection chauffeurs are very experienced, portray self-confidence and in case of unexpected events can act effectively and adequately. Reliability, professionality, discretion, punctuality and safety are the most important characteristics of a private chauffeur. 



Executive Shields Security LLC's  directs traffic for a road construction crew. Flaggers hold a paddle with "Stop" on one side and "Slow" on the other which they use to help indicate to motorists to slow down, stop and pass through the work zone. Flaggers often work in conjunction with other flaggers, with each standing at opposite ends of the construction area and coordinating traffic flow via communication, either via two-way radio or hand signals. At times, they will use the assistance of orange barrels, cones, vehicle placement, and other devices which they position alongside the roadway.

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